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By seanhamel on Friday, October 17th, 2014



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Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Slashfilm, and many more are all on fire over the news that a cargo ship full of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes just landed on Vimeo On Demand!



So we wrapped some L trains. As daily riders of the L train ourselves, we are very sensitive to how terribly wrong ads can go when trying to be contextual and cool. Like Vimeo itself, we wanted to take a common thing (in this case, subway ads; in general, video hosting) and imbue it with some sincerity, fun, color, humor, and quality. If we could make your commute better when inside these cars, then our message of a higher quality home for your videos would be clear.

Inside the trains you’ll see a mix of normal Vimeo messaging with some (hopefully funny) contextual ads. I know I had a blast watching this campaign come together with Tamara’s words and Anthony and Shawn’s beautiful colors and, most importantly, snakes.

If you see a Vimeo car (blue or snakes) snap a picture and tag it #snakesonatrain with your thoughts. I love seeing people’s reactions, many posted so far today. It’s a really cool feeling to wrap a thing I take everyday with the thing I work on every day.

LOVE THIS.  Miss you guys!


"You Around"

Big man competition at the Rivals250 Underclassman Challenge presented by Under Armour at Jaguars stadium